Welcome to the testimonial section at Mindstream Medicine, where personal stories highlight the profound effects of our ketamine infusion therapy. At Mindstream Medicine, we offer an innovative treatment for those suffering from chronic depression and anxiety, especially when conventional methods have failed.

Ketamine therapy is renowned for its ability to relieve symptoms of severe mental health conditions that have resisted other treatments. This unique feature distinguishes Mindstream Medicine, offering hope and healing to those who thought they had no options left. Here, patients receive a revolutionary treatment that not only targets their symptoms but also significantly improves their overall quality of life.

Inspiring Testimonials of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

“Medical professionals should consider this remarkable avenue to address chronic depression, which is so common among us. Mindstream Medicine’s gentle and professional treatments let me remember what it is like to be happy, and enjoy my work again.”

-Andrew, 47

“After SSRI’s did not work for me, I wanted to try something else to supplement my psychotherapy to help with my anxiety. Mindstream Medicine’s ketamine treatments worked better than anything I ever tried. I set clear intentions for each session and left with visuals that I recall daily to guide me through my anxiety. The change was instant and progressed as I went through multiple sessions. I feel like I got my life back.”

-Matthew, 44

“I highly recommend Mindstream Medicine’s ketamine treatment to anyone interested in deepening their self insight and gaining new perspectives on their inner world. My ketamine session was a powerful tool for ongoing self-discovery. During the session, I felt a sense of detachment from my everyday concerns, which allowed me to explore my thoughts, emotions, and life experiences from a unique vantage point. It was as if I had access to a hidden realm within my own mind, and I could observe my thoughts and feelings with newfound clarity and objectivity.”

-Maria, 32

“Our son spent years trying different medication to treat his severe depression before we found Mindstream Medicine. His crippling depression has lifted, allowing him to be a healthy developing teen again. He is now exploring ways to gain purpose in life and set long-term goals during his treatments and with the help of his therapist.”

-Sarah, 48